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The Bolivian crisis represents the latest manifestation of American imperialism

The Bolivian crisis represents the latest manifestation of American imperialism

In his opinion piece, writer George Walker addresses the Bolivian situation with a focus on American interventionism…
Mancunion editorial independence threatened by Senate

Mancunion editorial independence threatened by Senate

The amendment could be considered unconstitutional
An unsavoury taste: the Students’ Union elections

An unsavoury taste: the Students’ Union elections

Cachella Smith suggests that providing incentives to encourage people to vote will not necessarily generate a fair and representative outcome
New Brazilian Government: a genuine threat

New Brazilian Government: a genuine threat

George Walker comments on the lack of media attention with regards to the recent Brazilian elections
March Senate: liveblog

March Senate: liveblog

Live reporting from the penultimate senate of the academic year

Is this what modern Spanish democracy looks like at its worst?

Where does state-led aggression fit into a liberal democracy?

First Senate session of the academic year – live updates

The Mancunion will be giving you live updates of motions debated and passed in Senate

Student elections and ongoing contradictions

Elliott Mills illustrates how continued low voter turnout in Student Union elections is widening the gap between students and those representing them

Is it okay to punch a Nazi?

David Moseley considers punching a Nazi, musing over the ethics of such an act and its place in the current political climate

War on drugs: Fabric reopens the debate

With new rules put in place, Fabric is due to reopen, and with it the age-long debate on drugs is back

Let’s give British democracy the voting system it needs

Admist the rapidity of political events in the last several weeks, we must step back and use the results of the 2015 general election to reopen the debate about our voting system

A response to “The Burkini: What’s behind it?”

The debate over the burkini tells us a lot about the treatment of women in the continuing tensions between the ‘West’ and Islam

The burkini: what’s behind it ?

Lioui Benhamou addresses the deeper connotations of the debate surrounding France’s banning of the controversial ‘burkini’

Student activist forms new democracy party in Hong Kong

Wong gained public recognition through ‘the umbrella movement’ and seeks to protest the One Country, Two Systems policy with his newly-formed party

Defend the Freedom of Information Act at universities

We must back what is simply the only way to hold the institutions that have an impact on our lives to account. Stand with The Boar and Warwick Globalist

People’s Assembly National Week of Action

This week saw the People’s Assembly’s Week of Action protesting the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

Interview: Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell, the human rights campaigner, spoke to The Mancunion ahead of his General Election event on the 30th of April

The hypocrisies of censorship

Guest contributors Edgar and John Beswirck argue against the unnecessary censorship of the recent Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoon at the Students’ Union’s Refreshers’ Fair

Should we increase regulation of the press?

Thomas McEvilly and Lauren Wills debate the issue of press regulation, weighing up the need for freedom of expression, a transparent media, and ethical journalism

No More Page Three: Manchester’s big decision isn’t all it seems

Becky Montacute reveals how the decision for the Student Union to ban The Sun newspaper was really made…

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