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Soylent launches in the UK

Soylent launches in the UK

To any sci-fi fans among you, yes, the name comes from Soylent Green, and no, the drinks are not made from human remains

A Student Life: Benjamin Mouquet

Ruth Squires talks to Benjamin Mouquet, the University of Manchester graduate helping build a better community with The Dealer App, which donates money to homeless of Manchester whilst giving it’s customers great deals for dining out in the city

Manchester Food and Drink Festival 2017

Street food, daytime drinking and live music. What’s not to love at this years Food and Drink Festival!

Recipe: Thai Panang Curry

What better way to make new friends at the start of a new term than by cooking up a great Thai curry for them? Plus, with all the veg in here you might even be able to fight off that Freshers’ flu! This dish can easily be made entirely from vegetables, or you can include your favourite meat for a great midweek meal

Meals Out with an Allergy

With the number of food allergies on the rise, we went to five different restaurants to see how they deal with allergies

Butternut Squash and Sage Tagliatelle

A super quick, healthy and satisfying dish, butternut squash is full of vitamin c and is creamy when mashed and mixed with low fat crème fraîche

Lemon and Almond Tart with Blackberry and Mint Sorbet and Mini Meringues

A visually striking and delicious dish which celebrates the harmony of some stunning flavours; sweet crispy meringue, tangy lemon with a crunchy almond tart base and sharp blackcurrant with refreshing mint

How to eat like the French

Food is there to be enjoyed; to say that the French “live to eat” rather than “eat to live” is an understatement

Crumbs! Yard and Coop certainly know how to keep abreast of the competition

Yard & Coop struck the perfect balance between the guilty pleasure of fried chicken, and a more refined Northern Quarter feel

When does fried chicken become fowl play?

Helena Maxwell-Jackson weighs the pros and cons of fried chicken, where it comes from, and if it is affordable to be ethical

Quinoa Frittata, what a wonderful phrase

Helena Maxwell-Jackson creates a brunch that means no worries for the rest of your days

Burger cakes

The burger craze has now hit the dessert course with these fun cakes

Hangover foods exposed

Beth Currall investigates the calorific truth behind fallowfields’ most love takeaways

Book Club cross-sections: Emily Clark, Food and Drink editor

We asked fellow Mancunion editor, Emily Clark, what she has been reading (and drinking) this week

Blind date: Connor and Morag

Our first blind date of the year!

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