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GMP Articles

Society in homophobia scandal shuts down after national outcry

– ‘Global Aspirations of Women’ disbands following outrage – Police receive complaint over homophobic language – Recording receives over 11,000 hits on YouTube

PCC: Clegg and Cameron ‘dunces of the year’

Tony Lloyd, Greater Manchester’s new Police and Crime Commissioner blames the government for November’s embarrassing elections

A new dawn for policing?

Tom Danaher discuss the recent Police and Crime Commissioner elections, following a shocking low turnout

GMP hires apprentices to work for under Minimum Wage

Apprentices will be paid £10,000 a year compared to the National Minimum Wage of around £12,000 a year

‘Coalition to blame for low PCC elections turnout,’ says Lloyd

Greater Manchester’s PCC candidates faced questions from members of the public at the University

Police hunt ‘bungling’ burglar

Police are searching for a burglar who botched three robberies in Gorton

Gang injunctions introduced after shootings in Salford

Six shootings over September have led police to pass gang injunctions for the first time