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Islington Mill Articles

Club: High Hoops presents 10 Hour Day Party with Marcellus Pittman and Wbeeza

High Hoops couple bookings and location to great effect

Bohemian Grove @ Islington Mill

Nancy Barnes draws our attention to the artistic work that goes into a night out, beside the music.

Venue Guide: Off the Beaten Track

Perhaps not so well known as Manchester’s larger institutions, these venues make a vibrant, intelligent and exciting contribution to the art scene of the city

Interview: Shereen Perera, Islington Mill

We caught up with Shereen Perera, Visual Arts Co-ordinator at Islington Mill, to talk about her work, the Mill and how she got there

Review: ‘I’ – The Sleep Collection

Toby Parker and Lucy Johnson are ‘blissfully roused’ from their slumbers by Rubin-Mayhew’s sleeping beauties

Review: Micachu & The Shapes

Harry Smith finds an impish vitality in Micachu & The Shapes’s Islington Mill performance

The best night spots in Manchester

Fancy a good night out in Manchester? Then Tom Glasser can help, via an extended river metaphor

Seeing through the Oxford Road bubble

Islington Mill: something worth veering off the beaten track for?

Live: Sounds From The Other City

Salford’s Bank holiday bash has improved immeasurably from its humble beginnings.

Live: Breton @ Islington Mill

These boys sound like the lovechild of Tom Vek and Foals.

Live: Niki and the Dove @ Islington Mill

The BBC may love them but Hannah Mead certainly doesn’t.

Live: Other Sounds Presents… @ Islington Mill

Organ Freeman. There can’t be a better band name than this, surely?