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Love Articles

SAD: Singles Appreciation Day

Embrace SAD! Kitty Treverton Jones asks, why should couples have all the fun on 14th February?

Humans of UoM: Asha

“Don’t make me sound like a bitch: I’ll kill you.” Robert Firth speaks to student Asha about English guys, interrail twats and peeing herself

French Men: Dispelling the Myth

Think every French Man is a baguette toting connoisseur of amour? Think again, says Molly Allen.

Blind Date: Chantei and Scott

Will Chantei’s international allure woo Scott off his feet, or will the age gap make things awkward? Read on to find out!

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth The Hassle?

Perisha Kudhail goes the extra mile to find out if long distance relationships are really worth the effort

Blind Date: Becky and Alex

We may not have Cilla Black but Blind Date is Back! Sit back and shamelessly enjoy this healthy dose of voyeurism.

Debate: Does a relationship enhance your university experience?

While many people are eager for a relationship while at uni, others simply want to enjoy being young, free and single. Here, two students debate the issue

It’s a boy girl thing

Can men and women ever really ‘just’ be friends? Beth Currall and Lewis Johnston argue both sides of the coin

You Say: What’s wrong with a fantasy?

Frideswide O’Neill tells us why you should indulge in sexual fantasy and defends those who watch porn

Online dating: part 2

Lucy Gardner’s second week of online dating

The Ex-Factor: how not to be his psycho ex-girlfriend

Have you been called a psycho? Emma Williams defends exes that have a right to be angry

Live: Slash at Apollo

Twenty-five years on from his first Mancunian outing, Slash hasn’t forgotten his rock n’ roll roots