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Ongoing resistance: Manchester shows solidarity with Iranian women

Ongoing resistance: Manchester shows solidarity with Iranian women

Following the brutality in Iran, we spoke to protestors outside Manchester’s Islamic Centre, uncovering their reasons for resistance and experiences in Iran.
Manchester Bars Respond to Spiking Epidemic

Manchester Bars Respond to Spiking Epidemic

The Mancunion interviewed bars and nightclubs that are regularly visited by student to see what their reaction to drink spiking in Manchester is
Judas and the Black Messiah: Far from revolutionary?

Judas and the Black Messiah: Far from revolutionary?

Fred Hampton biopic might not be truly revolutionary, but is not afraid of showing true Black Panthers’ viewpoints
Review: 1761

Review: 1761

1761, an industrial Mancunian Eatery

Multiple Fallowfield venues breach planning licenses

The Font, Revolution, and Venice Pizza have been breaching the terms of their planning permissions for years, and have not changed since being served notices by Manchester City Council

Fallowfield Freshers: your local guide to the best restaurants to visit with a hangover

Whilst the morning after a big night out is likely to be shaped by a hammering headache and acute memory loss, this pick of the best hangover hotspots in Fallowfield will guide you to recovery

Dancing in Damascus: an evening with Miriam Cooke

Renowned author and Professor of Arab Cultures at Duke University spoke about the importance of art in a revolution

Bloody chokers, they’re back in fashion again!

Whilst chokers adorn many necks of the Manchester student body, Sophie Billington takes a look at their grim and gruesome origins from 18th century France

Revolution 2015

Wiggins and Doull were on top form in the cycling competition, but Tennant and Keisse win the day

Review: Russell Brand – Revolution

Books editor Alister Pearson reviews Russell Brand’s third book, ‘Revolution’, that commands us to overturn this corrupt capitalist society in favour for a society focused on love

Egypt – a revolution of the heart and the mind

Haughty ideals are only half a revolution, Marina Iskander argues the most permeating revolutions come from the heart

Voting and Russell Brand’s revolution

Jenny Sterne discusses whether not voting will ever achieve the revolution that the popular comedian imagines…

Uncovered: a Guide to Manchester city centre

There’s more to student life than Fallowfield – one of the world’s great city centres is right on your doorstep