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What room for feminism in the political vacuum of the Labour leadership election?

With the Labour leadership contest drawn to a close, Grace Iona Annesley-Mair retrospectively discusses Yvette Cooper’s billing as the ‘feminist’ candidate

A global guide to sexual harassment

With less and less tolerance in the UK to sexual harassment, Lauren Howells describes her experience of the same problem in Argentina

Suffer from menstrual problems? Sorry love, no jobs here

The National University of Ireland Galway is branded “misogynistic” for invasive personal health questions asked on a form for successful job candidates

Review: Vagina Monologues

The eye-opening and thought-provoking performance never lost its humour, despite the seriousness of the content, writes ‎Aimée Grant Cumberbatch

VAT is a bloody mess

Amelie Eckersley argues that deeming sanitary products ‘non-essential’ and attaching a 5 per cent VAT unfairly disadvantages women

Oxford rugby players punished for “free pussy” social

Pembroke College rugby players barred from playing in the first round of the season

NUS calls to end ‘laddism’ on campus

‘That’s what she said’ report draws attenion to the ‘lad culture’ invading all aspects of university life

For and Against – Spotted: Manchester University Library

Tom Danaher and Alex Goldhill argue for and against Spotted: Manchester University Library

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