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Frantz Fanon, Priti Patel, and the Problem with Political Discourse

Frantz Fanon, Priti Patel, and the Problem with Political Discourse

The language around Priti Patel is indicative of the laziness in our political debates, argues Ashwin Venkatakrishnan

Interview: Conservative candidate Shaden Jaradat

As part of our series of interviews with local candidates before June 8th, we sit down with Shaden Jaradat, the Conservative party candidate for Gorton

Knowing and doing: fighting UK poverty

Ryan Khurana comments on the Conservative approach to bringing prosperity to all

An insider’s view of the Tory party conference

Colm Lock, whose attendance at the Conservative Party Conference saw him egged by a protester, gives an exclusive insight into what it was like inside the ‘safe zone’, and his jump onto the front pages of national newspapers

Who protested the Tory Conference?

The Conservative party conference saw tens of thousands take to the streets in protest. Daniel Saville joined the protestors and asked why they were getting involved

People’s Assembly National Week of Action

This week saw the People’s Assembly’s Week of Action protesting the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester

NUS begins legal action against scrapping of maintenance grants

The National Union of Students has begun legal action against the government’s plans to scrap maintenance grants on the basis of the implications for equality

Open letter to the British public: why don’t you want to be European?

Danish student Victoria Sorensen wonders why Brits don’t want to be a part of Europe

Tory MP stoned off campus

Mike Weatherley recieved police escort out of mob scene

Out of recession, but does George Osborne deserve a gold medal?

The UK is finally out of recession, but what does this really mean?

Tory councillor sacked after ‘joke’ about murdered policewomen

Councillor made off-colour remark to the wife of a serving officer