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Universities enter marking boycott against pension reductions

Since the 6th of November the University and College Union has engaged in an industrial dispute with UK universities concerning changes to lecturers’ pensions

UCU marking boycott to go ahead

Academics at universities nationwide have voted in favour of refusing to set or mark work in the dispute regarding pension cuts, starting from 6th November

Bad “vibes” from professor leads to suspension

Thomas Docherty, a staunch opponent of the marketisation of education, was reprimanded for negative body language and sarcasm during interviews for faculty positions.

University and Colleges Union threatens further boycott

Academics may refuse to set or grade exams and coursework in response to a drastic pension shakeup proposal.

MMU staff stage full-day strike over ‘unlawful’ pay dock

Strike action has had “little or no impact” at most universities and protestors should focus on negotiating better pay deals for the 2014-15 period, says UCEA

Ministers ‘very concerned’ by vice chancellor’s pay rises

Vince Cable and David Willetts have called for senior management to show “much greater restraint”

University staff to strike again

Second day of action set for December

Russell Group could see £80 million loss

Low numbers of undergraduates could cause universities to lose up to £80 million

Stressed academics face ‘increasingly intolerable pressure’

University staff are considerably more stressed than the average British working person