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Seasons change, Hot Strike Summer stays

Seasons change, Hot Strike Summer stays

Hot strike summer continues into the winter, with countless groups fighting for workers rights, refusing to be treated as a commodity
University of Manchester staff to strike over pay

University of Manchester staff to strike over pay

What has happened at the UCU ballots and what does it mean for strikes at UOM

Dispute over Parrs Wood’s proposed academy conversion

Teaching unions express concern over the recent proposal to turn Parrs Wood High School, one of Manchester’s highest performing secondary schools, into an independent academy

Corbyn’s challenge starts now

Opinion Editor Isaac Atwal discusses how, following his impressive climb to become the leader of the Labour party, the real challenge for Jeremy Corbyn starts now

Academic Cold War

The only product of UCU strikes is mutually assured destruction. In this sum game, it’s the students who are hurting, argues David Brierley

Strikes are the answer for powerless unions

In light of the recent university marking boycott, and its subsequent postponing, Lauren Wills explains why we have to put up with the necessary evil of strikes

University staff walk out over pay dispute

Unions threaten further strike action if offer of one per cent pay increase not improved

University staff to stage second strike

Protests planned over below inflation pay increases

‘The enemy within’

Trade Unions are putting self-interest ahead of the public interest – failing to recognise that we are all in this together

Sadiq Khan event gives Labour faithful reason to be cheerful

Thomas Turner, James Broadway and Louis Raffin consider the future of Labour in light of their recent conference and a worrying lack of confidence in the party leader