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World War One Articles

Victory over blindness: an interview with veterans

Victory over blindness: an interview with veterans

Cachella Smith speaks with war veterans about their battle with blindness, at the unveiling of a new monument commissioned by the charity Blind Veterans UK

Remembering and respecting our heroes on Remembrance Day

Lauren Wills reminds us why we should always give thanks for the sacrifices made by those before us, and why we should never forget that which was given so we could live as we do today

The Sensory War: 1914 – 2014

The Manchester Art Gallery opens its doors to a new exhibition celebrating the centenary of WW1

Theatrical hat-trick: football, suffragettes and heroism at the Octagon

Andrew Georgeson heads to Bolton Octagon to review Tull, a dramatisation of racial struggle

My Political Hero: Emily Balch

Antonia Jennings pays tribute to influential feminist, pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Emily Balch