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Lauren Arthur

The big tattoo taboo

Tattoos are becoming increasingly common in Western culture yet will their reputation ever really change?

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Five reasons why I love being British

Bored of hearing the constant drone of people moaning about its weather, politics and general attitude, Lauren Arthur tells us why she loves being British

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Five twitter accounts you should be following

Bored of reading about real life people’s problems? Make your timeline more interesting with these popular accounts

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Technology’s the one that needs a chastity belt

With the development of a new app controlled bra, isn’t it time that technology left our love lives alone?

How happy are you in your own company? Photo: Natesh Ramasamy

#foreveralone (and okay with it?)

Are us students really as independent as we make out? Lauren Arthur thinks otherwise…

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Do you lead a double life?

Does university allow you to create a ‘new you’? Lauren Arthur discusses.

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Top five procrastination blogs

If you’re going to waste time waste it well: Lauren Arthur looks at the top tumblrs to scroll through when your productivity is wavering

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Student Gym Guide

Want to keep that summer bod or maybe get one a few months late? Manchester offers a wide selection of gyms, but which one is best for you and your budget?

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WE ASK: Best Freshers’ memories

Second and third year students reminisce about their first week in Manchester

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Dos and Don’ts: Surviving your first year

Ten things we wish we’d been told in Freshers’ Week.

Confrontation: yay or nay?

Should you speak your mind or keep your mouth zipped?

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Blind Date

Will English student Amber find her fairy-tale romance with James?