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Oxbridge has come under scruiny for its low admission of poorer students Photo: Andew Dunn @Wikimedia Commons

Rate of disadvantaged students entering Oxbridge falls

New data published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals that Oxbridge has been admitting fewer students from lower socio-economic backgrounds over the past decade

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Universities criticised for censoring freedom of speech

Julie Bindel has spoken out against the dangers of censorship which occurs at universities, with the University of Manchester being ranked by a survey as one of the worst offenders


UCD uncovers revenge porn Facebook group

A Facebook group that consists of 200 Agricultural Science students who swap nude photos of girls, and stories of their one night stands has been exposed by a student newspaper

Photo: London Student Feminists

The gender gap worsens at university

For another year the gap between men and women entering higher education gets bigger, with women being a third more likely to enter university than men and dominate subjects including Medicine, Biology and Law

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Fallowfield ALDI robbed by armed men

The ALDI discount store in the student area was robbed by four men carrying dangerous weapons recently

Photo: The Mancunion

Preventing Prevent

University students hold meetings on countering the government’s expansion of the anti-radicalisation Prevent programme

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Liberal Democrats seek to legalise cannabis

The Liberal Democrats are preparing to set up a panel that would discuss how a legal market for cannabis would operate

Debate discusses whether the system should be broken to empower women. Photo: The Mancunion

Women are empowered by breaking the system

Manchester Debating Union concludes with an overwhelming majority that women are empowered by breaking the system, not succeeding within it