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COD series is one of the most successful ever

Global Russian invasion resisted by gaming army of ‘n00bs’

COD breaks sales records again and again

Nancy Rothwell

Meet the Vice-Chancellor

Inside the world of
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

Internet cable

Broadband providers mislead users

Check your broadband speed, as things are not quite as good as expected

Mosquito: Malaria's vector

Vaccine for malaria being tested

Early success in trials of vaccine for disease which kills one million people a year

iPhone app has potential to save lives

Life saving app developed

Former soldier turned PhD student creates app for burn victims

Nuclear research is a controversial environmental topic

University of Manchester heralds nuclear future

New nuclear facility opened and Rutherford would be proud


MOSI merge with London museum to resolve funding crisis

Government funding cuts compels Manchester Museum of Science and Industry into possible merger

Gold is an investor's 'safe haven'

Gold and Silver: I’m ‘all-in’

Why precious metals are an increasingly lucrative investment and how students can get in on the action.

Manchester Museums photo T Rex

University museums win £2 million grant

Museums in Manchester receive extra funding while museums elsewhere loose their funding completey


‘Poorer students are not discouraged by higher fees,’ says Ucas

Despite tripling tuition fees, poorer students continue to apply for undergraduate courses

Gayle O'Donovan speaking at the Students' Union

Manchester green party candidate dies

Local Green Party activist Gayle O’Donovan passed away last week


Editor’s Note Issue 11 6/02/12

Far from sitting around and trying to watch half of Youtube, we’ve been gearing up for the new term