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Photo: G-Man @Commons Wikimedia

‘Brilliant’ firefighters quickly temper blaze in Northern Quarter

The inferno blazed across several floors of an apartment block in Northern Quarter via wooden balconies

Photo: Adam Belles @Flickr

Fire breaks out at university halls

The 17-storey block of flats set on fire but there have been no reported injuries

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Withington hero who saved children from fire faces deportation

A Withington resident of 15 years who saved two children from his burning neighbour’s home faces being sent back to Zimbabwe following his asylum rejection by the Home Office

Photo: Junaid Ali Bokhari

Fire in Manchester’s Chinatown

A large fire broke out near Manchester’s Chinatown overnight, with the police confirming that two bodies were been discovered at the scene

Photo: Stanley Zimny @ Flickr

Flat fire prompts warning for students to test smoke alarms

A recent flat fire has prompted a life saving request from Manchester’s Fire service

Fires at Student Village and Wilmslow Park Halls. Photo: Ed Rollason

Fire at Manchester Student Village sees 1,000 evacuated

3am cooking accident sees Fire and Rescue teams called

Free Speech activist Greg Lukianoff PHOTO: FIRE

The war against free speech on campus

Sam Dumitriu interviews US campus free speech activist Greg Lukianoff on the fight to defend free speech on campus

The derelict building after the Oldham Street fire last week. Photo: Lisa Murgatroyd

Historic building demolished after fire burns for days

Mr Ryan’s World Famous 2nd Hand Shop, a landmark Mancunian Art Deco building, torn down after three day fire