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Top 5: Poorly delivered lines

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral


1) Lord of the Rings – ‘I’m no man’
So says Elf-girl Eowyn as she thrusts her blade in the Witch King’s face. I tend to think that the Witch King, when he said that ‘no man could kill him’, meant Man: the race and not Man: a male. Either he didn’t recognise female prowess or he didn’t foresee being stabbed in the head when he made this claim.

2) Revenge of the Sith – ‘Hold me, like you did at the lake on Naboo’
In all fairness, there’s not a great deal Natalie Portman could’ve done with this line. It’s so bad. George Lucas should stick to robots rather than romance.

3) Die Another Day – ‘I’m checkin’ out’
The vague drumbeat in the background makes it sound like James Bond is rapping this line. So is it really that poorly delivered? No. I mean, it’s Pierce Brosnan.

4) Aliens – ‘They mostly come at night. Mostly.’
It’s great on paper, but the young girl who actually says the line in the film kills it stone dead. She doesn’t pause at the full stop, so it reads like ‘They mostly come at nightmostly.’ Hilariously botched.

5) Four Weddings and a Funeral – ‘Is it still raining? I hadn’t noticed.’
Forget the Iraq war, this is the real reason Americans are hated in this country. Andie MacDowell’s absolute slaying of the movie right at the very end has inspired bitterness on rom-com loving forums all over the internet. Hateful.

Steve Jones, Film Editor

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