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Hello, is it Earth you’re looking for?

Hello, is it Earth you’re looking for?

Is anyone out there? Emma Hattersley discusses the messages we’ve sent into space that may never be heard.
Review: Grimmfest “Alien Invasion” Double Bill

Review: Grimmfest “Alien Invasion” Double Bill

The Grimmfest crew paid homage to two of the best alien invasion films at the Plaza, Stockport

Review: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

The stunning special effects and fantastic imagination needed to make this film more than compensates for its shaky narrative

Manchester scientists discuss the possibility of alien life

From supposed UFO sightings to rumours of abduction, one of science’s greatest unknowns—is there really alien life out there? Staff from the University of Manchester got together to discuss their views

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Jack Crutcher previews Aliens: Colonial Marines

Top 5: Poorly delivered lines

5. Lord of the Rings – ‘I’m no man’ So says Elf-girl Eowyn as she thrusts her blade in the Witch King’s face. I tend to think that the Witch King, when he said that ‘no man could kill him’, meant Man: the race and not Man: a male. Either he didn’t recognise female prowess or he didn’t foresee being stabbed in the head when he made this claim.

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