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28th November 2016

Our University has turned into a creche

The student body, and our generation as a whole, has become over-sensitive

Well, I hope you are all bloody proud of yourselves. Well, are you? You have behaved like petulant, spoilt children, and there is no one to blame for this mess but yourselves. You bunch of self-centred, virtue signalling, “oh look at me I’m so righteous” students. You as a group have, over the course of the last year and a half, shown exactly why the older generation seem to have such contempt for the young of today. To be honest, I do not blame them. I wince at the thought of being associated with the student body as a whole. You must be questioning why this is — why I, a fellow student, am so disappointed with the behaviour of my peers. It is because ever since the general election back in May 2015, you have all been shown to have the emotional maturity and self-control of a tantrum-throwing toddler.

We are in a dire situation in the western world. We face unparalleled levels of idiocy and arrogance from students at every turn. I will start with the most odious event that has occurred recently — the fracas in the SU on the US election night. The strength of feeling involved was not proportional to the effects on the people in that room. I entered the bar that night at around 11 and struggled to find anyone who was actually American, or knew about the election in enough detail to warrant them staying up all night to see the results through. It was simply a gathering of people who wanted good old red vs. blue drama, with their goody Clinton vs. the baddy Trump. Few people there actually understood what was going on, as was made apparent by the loud cheers following anything remotely in the Democrats’ favour happened — even if it was just a Senate seat.

Now my candidate, Gary Johnson, did not win. In fact he only got 5 million votes. However, did this mean that my disagreement with the other sides boiled over into a physical expression of rage? No, because I am a bloody grown up.  Even though I am an American who travels to the States regularly and has family who may suffer because of Trumps victory, I did not feel the need to lash out against the tit wearing a flag and donning the infamous red cap. Neither, however, did I feel the need to publicly revel in the loss of Clinton and so antagonise her already defeated supporters — I am not in the business of kicking people when they are down. Clearly the Trump side — none of whom were American — were not gracious in their victory and behaved like asses the entire night. However, that does not excuse the behaviour of the Clinton camp, with their throwing of water and physical abuse.

We saw similar behaviour from youths when the Conservatives won a majority back in 2015 and some young people seemed to lose their collective minds. They protested, blocked London’s streets, and some even vandalised a war memorial.

But, the prize for biggest collective idiots of the year goes, once again, to the SU. These people, our student leaders, do nothing to calm down the student body and bring them back to reality. They are alarmist and quick to label enemies. They seek to coddle us from opinions deemed “dangerous.” Anyone who disagrees with them is immediately a racist, sexist, transphobic, islamophobic Nazi. Yet, in spite of such ridiculous accusations, there are those who will pick up this mantra and parrot it, only spreading the plague of regressive ideas further. These are the sorts of people who would probably stand up for participation trophies and reward failure.

Now, I may still not be getting through to you about the problem with our age group. So, I will take a different tack to get my message across. For all the many reasons we are an embarrassment, however, there is one reason which pervades all aspects of society and demonstrates the sickness that these types are helping to inflict on our society. From both the right and the left, we are seeing the triumph of cultural Marxism, whereby everything in life is now political. It is a very sorry state of affairs when people can feel threatened by a statue, get triggered by being called “he” or “she”, and even consider normal Halloween costumes offensive. Why does our generation believe in these things? Well it is simple. We have never faced or seen real adversity or experienced a world on someone else’s terms. We have grown up in a world free from large scale tyranny, free from conflicts near to home, free from actual racism, bigotry and oppression.

So, what we now do is invent these grievances. We concoct and conjure up problems where there need be none. It shows a glaring level of ignorance on the part of the student body that they are quite happy to isolate themselves so completely from the real world — leaving university is going to come as a shock. We now politicise everything in society. What’s next? Will I be told my favourite tea and scones are racist and imperialist? Will I be told that I need to use gender neutral pronouns when addressing my cat?

Where will it end? And when will we all grow up?

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