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Colm Lock

Colm Lock

The life of a midwife

We look at the trials and tribulations of some of the hardest-working students in university

Great British matriarchs

Colm Lock looks at how many of Britannia’s greatest rulers were, and continue to be, women

Bye Bye Bercow

Colm Lock argues that Parliament should retain its various traditions, and that those who oppose it ought to leave

The new Special Relationship

The renewed strength and respect of the Special Relationship can do good for both our countries in times of political unease

Our freedom is in peril at the hands of online saboteurs

Censorship of more right-wing views on online platforms must be confronted if we are to properly engage in debate

Harambe and the magic of memes

Memes have transcended the world of the Internet and made their way into politics and everyday life

Our University has turned into a creche

The student body, and our generation as a whole, has become over-sensitive

The triggering: safe spaces are eroding our freedoms

In university campuses across Canada, the United States and Britain is an evil that is triumphing against our freedom. It has led to the erosion of freedoms for many students—not just of speech but also the freedom of expression. But you may well ask me, “Colm, what is this evil you speak of? Is it […]

The call of the sea

Britain has long depended on its naval prowess and command over the seas, so is it not high time we recognised our need for a presence on the ocean?

What the future holds

The Mancunion’s resident mystic gives a quick snapshot of what to expect in this coming year of clubbing, making great friends, and finding the perfect hangover cure…

Leave behind the EU and embrace Rule Britannia

In his true final piece of the year, Colm Lock lays out the case for Britain voting to leave in June

Give me ale, reasonable food and quick service or give me death

Colm Lock takes the Students’ Union to task for keeping him waiting for his food and wanting of his ale

An ivory tower flying a red flag

Colm Lock takes aim at the Students’ Union and states that it facilitates far too much waste and is not representing the student body

Traitors in our midst

Colm Lock takes his scalpel to Jeremy Corbyn’s frontbench

As humans, should we play God?

Colm Lock asks what right we have to play God as human beings with those born with Down’s syndrome

To hunt or not to hunt? That is the question. But for who?

Colm Lock attempts to debunk some myths surrounding hunting and suggests the devolution of the debate around its legality is the only way forward

Jeremy Corbyn’s omnishambles

First there was George Osborne’s omni-shambles, but now the tables have turned and the new Leader of the Opposition is having one of his very own

The acquisitions of empire

Colm Lock proposes that it is time to stop hanging onto the past regarding our imperial history

NATO and the illusion of safety

Colm Lock looks at whether NATO has neglected to maintain its defences in the face of an increasingly assertive Russia

Why I love the market, and so should you

Colm Lock defends the market as a means to improve people’s lives the world over