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19th February 2018

Review: La Vina Deansgate

Veggies, stay well away! This here restaurant, La Vina, is a carnivore’s paradise
Review: La Vina Deansgate
Photo: Hannah Suraya

This is a split review between the carnivores and a herbivore. Why would you take a vegetarian to a traditional tapas restaurant?

However, La Vina seemed to have a decent veggie selection. Unfortunately this did not live up to expectations.

Upon entry, I thought “It could do with a touch of illumination and some charming Spanish tunes.” I changed my mind after a generous helping of delightful tapas. The décor was lovely and traditional, even if the four of us were sat at a very high table with very uncomfortable chairs, not what you want when you’re about to indulge. We had a quick scan around the room to try move however all the chairs seemed very similar, a small but important grievance.

We choose to dine during their 50 per cent off food deal so went a little crazy ordering nearly everything on the menu. They suggest around three or four plates per person.

Here’s what we ordered: Gambas Pil Pil, Chorizo sautéed in garlic thyme and honey, Pollo Envuelto — chicken breast stuffed with piquilo and wrapped in serrano ham, Goats cheese, and Spinach Croquetas (On the specials board), Patatas Bravas, Berenjenas con miel y trufa — Crisp lightly battered aubergine slices stacked and drizzled with honey and truffle oil, Mushrooms in a cream sauce (On the specials board), Brocoli a la brasa — tenderstem broccoli chargrilled with garlic and chilli and a Paella Mixta.

The portion size was huge for tapas, there were at least ten prawns in the gambas pil pil, amazing value for money. The paella, chorizo, and chicken were all an absolute dream and cooked to perfection. Unfortunately there is little praise for the vegetarian selection apart from the fact that they had a substantial one.

The only thing my vegetarian friend enjoyed was the patatas bravas, fried potatoes, and garlic sauce which is quite frankly very difficult to get wrong. The aubergine was watery, the mushrooms seemed to be from a tin in the most uncreamy sauce and the broccoli was far too hard and crunchy.

Whilst we were all gorging on the wonderful meat selection my friend looked increasingly disappointed, it’s fair to say veggies should stay away from La Vina.

Photo: Hannah Suraya
Photo: Hannah Suraya
Photo: Hannah Suraya
Photo: Hannah Suraya

In terms of wine, we ordered a glass of the house rose priced at £6 per glass. Complete rip off, tasted like the £3 bottle from New Zealand wines. The food was great value under the 50 per cent off deal however I’m not sure I would pay full price.

La Vina does seem to have frequent offers so I would suggest going only when there is a deal on.

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