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12th February 2021

Meet JoeyMacaroni – South Manchester’s mac and cheese delivery service

Support a small business and check out JoeyMacaroni – the student bringing mac and cheese to South Manchester
Meet JoeyMacaroni – South Manchester’s mac and cheese delivery service
Photo @ Joey Goodman

JoeyMacaroni is a new macaroni cheese delivery service based in South Manchester. The takeaway venture is the brainchild of Joey Goodman, a third-year business student at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He’s turned his lockdown boredom into a creative new business venture which is supplying students across Fallowfield and Withington with comforting and flavoursome macaroni cheese. JoeyMacaroni features a very reasonably priced delivery menu.

The menu includes inventively named dishes that incorporate a range of exciting flavours. This is far removed from your bog-standard mac and cheese.

You can browse the menu and order via their Instagram page. Whilst you’re there, make sure to check out the giveaway currently running on their page. You and your housemates could win some free mac and cheese!

Photo @ Joey Goodman

I caught up with Joey to find out more about what JoeyMacaroni has to offer.

The Mancunion: Can you tell us a bit about ‘JoeyMacaroni’?

Joey: “JoeyMacaroni was founded by myself in November 2020. We are a comfort food takeaway, that as you can guess just sells mac ‘n’ cheese. We were initially doing takeaway on collection, however, due to lockdown we have now decided to just do delivery for the time being.” 

M: What inspired you to create JoeyMacaroni?

J: “Since I was 17 years old I’ve always worked in commercial kitchens, from gastropubs to a short stint in fine dining. But I’ve always wanted to work for myself. So one day I woke up during the November lockdown, I was extremely bored; so I decided to start JoeyMacaroni. I thought that it would be the perfect time to start the business, as not only are there little distractions, but I also wanted to try and keep some sort of student community going. We were initially named HolyMacaroni; however, I wanted to make the brand more personal and less generic.”

M: What’s your favourite menu item?

J: “I would probably say the ‘Spicy Greg’. It’s just so simple but effective, Chorizo and fresh chilis. Or maybe the ‘Tony Soprano’, but that’s probably due to the name as I’m a big Sopranos fan. In fact, we currently have a giveaway for students to win themselves and their entire house a box of JoeyMacaroni each!”

M: What options do you have for vegetarians/vegans? 

J: “For vegetarians we have the ‘Veggie Mclovin’. This is your classic  mac ‘n’ cheese with mushrooms, courgettes, sweet peppers, and deep-fried crispy onion. This can also be made into a vegan option which has our secret vegan cheese sauce. However, we are looking to slightly improve these dishes by trialling planted based meats such as vegan bacon and meatballs.”

Photo: JoeyMacaroni 

M: What items would you like to include on the menu in the future?

J: “As I said, we are currently looking to tweak the vegan and veggie dishes, but we are most excited about the launch of our  Mac ‘n’ Cheeseburger! This burger will be launched very soon and will hopefully be a game-changer.”

M: What’s your delivery radius? 

J: “At the moment we are delivering to the Fallowfield and Withington area. With a small delivery charge of only £1!”

M: What can we expect from you in the future?

J: “We have a few big things lined up for the future, however, I’m afraid I am going to have to keep that a secret for the time being.

“But for the meantime, we will continue to provide quality mac ‘n’ cheese for the students of Manchester, in an attempt to try to keep the student spirit up, and back together. To keep informed of any news, updates and details of JoeyMacaroni, please check out our Instagram and Facebook.”

Sorcha Cullen

Sorcha Cullen

Food and Drink Editor.

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