Celebrating our favourite music this Black History Month
The Mancunion Music Section contributors share their musical recommendations in celebration of Black History Month.
What to read next in Black History Month
Maisie Scott and Aileen Loftus recommend five books by black authors to read during Black History Month
What to expect from Manchester SU this Black History Month
There will be exhibitions, talks, fashion shows, music, poetry, dance performances and conversation corners.
Black History Month: QTIPOC talk race and sexuality
Alex Cross speaks about the importance of continuing conversations about diversity and inclusion
Black History Month: Feminist and activist Amandla Stenberg
Writer Sam Bronheim celebrates actor Amandla Stenberg’s activism and social awareness as she uses her platform to raise awareness and promote discussions around racism and sexuality
Black History Month: Food and Cultural Identity
Hear from two Manchester residents about the importance of food in their cultural identity.
Greater Manchester celebrates Black History Month 2018
October marks Black History Month in the UK, an annual celebration of the history and culture of black people in the UK and of the contribution that they have made
Black History Month: Exploring Manchester’s influential black athletes
Harry Deacon takes a look at Manchester’s rich history of black representation in sports
“Black History Month reminds me how important voice is.”
Ariel Nash reflects on what Black History Month means to her and the powerful potential of the BME movement in art and culture
Review: Black History Month student-staff networking event
Diana Khasa reviews one of BME MCR’s Black History Month events
Black History Month: Walter Tull
To celebrate Black History Month, James Haughton documents the life of Walter Tull—the first black professional outfield footballer and first black officer in the British army
Black History Month: An evening with Viv Anderson
Will Kelly and James Haughton have an insightful evening with Viv Anderson, the first ever black player to represent England
The University of Manchester prepares for Black History Month
University students and staff celebrate the heritage and future of minority communities with Black History Month
What Black History Month Means to Me
At the university, it’s Black History Month every October. A few students were asked what Black History Month meant to them
Black History Month
A team of students are heading up Black History Month celebrations; here’s how you can get involved.
Black History Month at the Students’ Union
Black History Month will take its toll at the Students’ Union this October with a range of events from Open Mic to Panel Discussions
Black history month is still not history
Black and Ethnic Week at the University
Most influential black sports athletes
Our Sports team has compiled a list of some of the most influential black athletes across sports history
Manchester’s feminist history
We outline the key players and organisations in the history of feminism that originated in here Manchester!
Wales to head racial history education
BAME history becomes compulsory in Wales as debates about decolonising the curriculum in England continue

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