It is now possible to take a course in iPhone photography; Ben Green tells us about it. As reported in the Mancunion last week, the London College of Kensington (a university apparently) is now offering a course in iPhone photography.  Ah, an afternoon spent showing technically-challenged people how to use their phones, no doubt sponsored […]
Fruitless Apple need a turnover
With soft meditations on romance, friendship, and mental health, Arlo Parks is penning relatable anthems for gen-Z
As the development of AI technology is rapidly improving, should we be questioning who our voice assistants are narrated by?
Ravers of the world unite for Manchester’s Warehouse Project Repercussion, a techno exposé of D&B led gentrification
Serena interviews Sweets backstage at XOYO before he warms up the crowd for headliner NOISY
MANIFF 2022: Poser combines podcasting and niche musicians to depict the obsessions of a less basic than she’d like to admit young 20 something in New York
Wired headphones are having a moment, but the reason for the swap, and the implications it brings, might surprise you.
We interview indie-pop misfits BLOXX about their upcoming tour, latest EP ‘Pop Culture Radio’, and the importance of speaking up.
Every day, artisanal miners – some as young as seven – toil away for hours in hand-dug mining pits in search of cobalt for your phone battery
Alex Harris reviews a high concept sci-fi movie after sitting down with its creators
Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews Lady Gaga’s dramatic but personal dance album, Chromatica
5G will usher in huge technological advances including internet connection everywhere, self-driving cars, the Internet of Things (IoT) and much more – all without damaging your health.
After a sad cancellation last year, Eurovision 2021 is back, sort of…
The real threat to galleries may not be Covid-19 but the government’s utilitarian attitude to the arts, says Probert Dean
Writer Lottie Norton questions if social media and apps are unintentionally encouraging people to undergo cosmetic surgery due to Selfie Dysmorphia
A guide on how to apply for settled status in the UK as an EU student
Just 40-45% of the annual tuition fee of £9,250 is spent on teaching, with the rest going to resources such as libraries and technology support.
Eva Gerretsen visits Growing Together, a volunteer run allotment providing stability to refugees and asylum seekers. She explores the benefits of home-growing for both the environment and personal health.
Sophie Marriott writes that as smartphones become increasingly crucial to everyday life they become just as much embroiled with poverty and inequality as the luxury car market.

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