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Lacking a fresh political perspective, entertaining with classic tunes and compelling design, My Beautiful Laundrette takes stage at The Lowry
Set in vibrant 1920s New York, Rebecca Hall’s debut feature is a unique commentary on racial identity, jealousy, and finding one’s community
If this year’s BlackKklansman served as a solid artistic insight into the roots of modern-day racism, then George Tillman Jr’s The Hate U Give makes for a fantastic following piece about the current state of American racial tensions
The Mancunion sits down with Lisa Ayegun to talk about her father, Phil Magbotiwan, and his legendary nightclub The Reno between 1962-1986
Harmonising History: The Resonant Journey of The Drifters
Stormzy curated Merky Books, and We Are All Birds of Uganda by Hafsa Zayyan joint-won the inaugural #Merky Books New Writers’ Prize in 2019. We take a look to see what it’s all about
Oakland-born rapper Daveed Diggs of Hamilton fame joined forces with poet-come-rapper Rafael Casal to write and star in Blindspotting.
Attempting to trace the career of Spike Lee and his cultural impact would prove somewhat tricky to say the least. His latest film – The BlacKkKlansman – proves no easier. Lee is most accomplished for his confrontational dramas based on various societal issues. From Jungle Fever discussing interracial relationships, to 25th Hour’s evaluation of post-9/11 […]
How the gory, magical escapism of ‘Game of Thrones’ lost out to a White House in chaos
2016 has seen the build up of events of the last few decades finally burst — and The Beatles saw it coming
Her sister may have beaten her to the finish line, but Solange Knowles’ effort is more cohesive and understated
American Crime Story’s first season, entitled The People v. O. J. Simpson, gives its audience a reminder of issues that are all too relevant today
Is debating whether or not a US Presidential candidate be barred from the UK an effective use of our time?
Three day event organised by the University of Vermont for undergraduates who “self-identify as white” to discuss issues of race and “white privilege”
Parade, The Lowry, 27th – 28 Any members of the audience taking their seats as the cast broke into ‘The Old Red Hills of Home’ would have thought that they had arrived two hours late for the evening’s performance. The opening chorus of Parade possessed all the qualities of a number preceding a curtain call […]
The books section of the Mancunion have collaborated together to share our tips and recommendations to help you get over a reading slump.
Joe McFadden outlines the argument for Nancy’s Rothwell’s removal as Vice-Chancellor and urges students to vote yes on March 8th
Felix Hanif-Banks covers a recent talk on Love Island and Marxism, discussing how the controversial show contributes to a negative culture of consumerism
Jay Darcy comments on JLo and Shakira’s fiercely political and entertaining Super Bowl halftime show
Anna Jin reviews Oreo at HOME Theatre as part of Push Festival