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Amy Bradley

Amy Bradley

SICK! Festival brings life to Manchester

Manchester is made to feel a little better with a full schedule of SICK! events, and we’re here to give you a little preview of what’s to come this month

Routine traffic stop saves Manchester backpacker’s life

A 22-year-old women from Manchester has been rescued from her kidnapper by Australian police

Creative climate activists use paintings for protests

Campaigns escalate in attempts to encourage a top London university to divest from all fossil fuels

AIDS-related deaths could be reduced with anti-fungal drugs

On-going research in early diagnosis and correct treatment of fungal infections suggests many lives could be saved amongst HIV/AIDS sufferers

Brexit decisions will not affect funding for EU students in the UK

In spite of doubts cast by Brexit, EU students have been reassured by the British government that they will still be eligible for funding at UK Universities

Event preview: RAG sleepout

A preview of Manchester RAG’s upcoming sleepout to raise awareness and funds to tackle homelessness in the city

Procrastinate your procrastination habits

Should you be doing something else right now? Read this article to find out how to stop procrastinating and actually achieve your goals

Preview: Campaign Supernova

Campaign Supernova is a free social event open to all student activists of social change