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12th December 2018

Brexit and the environment

Amelia Kent explores the impact that the Brexit deal might have on environmental legislation


13th November 2017

Manchester University under pressure to divest from fossil fuels

Students’ Union Campaigns Officer described the University’s current action as “plain contemptuous” amidst pressure to divest from fossil fuels
6th November 2017

Flipping amazing: whales and dolphins have “human-like” cultures

Researchers at the University of Manchester, in collaboration with the University of British Columbia, Canada, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Stanford University, United States, have recently published a major new study in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution. It shows that whales and dolphins (Cetaceans) live in tight-knit social groups. […]

Get involved with Environment

28th November 2016

Poorest countries aim to eliminate fossil fuels

Some of the poorest countries in the world, who are heavily affected by increasingly extreme weather conditions, have promised to run on 100 per cent renewable energy by 2050
9th November 2016

Can nature documentaries promote conservation?

Nature documentaries have always valued themselves on being educational and entertaining — but are they teaching us anything?
28th September 2015

Will Murdoch pollute National Geographic?

With the Murdoch media empire investing in National Geographic, Alex Daniel critically assesses whether it spells the beginning of the end for the prestigious magazine.