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Dana Fowles

Dana Fowles

TWEETING @DanaFowles By day: Lifestyle editor at The Mancunion, aspiring women’s magazine journalist. By night: Lover of gay men and Canal St, prone to believing I am Beyonce on the d floor (embarrassing).

Twitter Tw*ts

We all have them lurking on our timelines: Dana Fowles names and shames the tweeters we love to hate

101: Combatting A Young-Life Crisis

Dana Fowles discusses hitting the dreaded third-year crossroads

Psychic readings: regurgitated rubbish or an individual’s insight?

Dana Fowles investigates the highly controversial field of psychic readings

Cosmopolitan Careers Masterclass

Invaluable advice from a panel of media industry experts

WE ASK: What are the worst chat up lines you have ever received?

The cheesiest student chat up lines revealed

60 seconds with… journalist Laura Jane MacBeth

Laura Jane MacBeth is a freelance journalist and Cosmopolitan magazine’s Sex And The Single Girl columnist

Lent: the halfway point

Has Lifestyle Editor Dana managed to remain teetotal so far?

University: myth vs. reality

We are all told what to expect before starting uni, but just how much of it is true?

Second semester stress busters

Say goodbye to stress and flu

Money: how to save it and how to make it

National Student Money Week runs from 11th-15th February, so get on top of your finances with these simple tips.

Students do Lent

Giving up alcohol for Lent: mission impossible?

We Ask You Answer

Your top tips for freshers trying to find second year houses

We Ask, You Answer – Drunken tales

This week… your most embarrassing drunken tales

‘LAD’ culture: the truth

Dana examines the LAD culture which runs through university life

We ask, you answer

This week… do you make better friends at school/college or at University?

Tales from between the bedsheets

This week… the longest you have ever been without sex.

The naughtiest places you have had sex

Got a tale to share? Please send your sex stories to [email protected]. Names will be changed!

Save it for the bedroom

Dana’s takes on public displays of affection

Could we go the distance?

Dana takes us on a rocky ride through her ‘man detox’

Tales from between the sheets

Got a story to share? Please send your bedroom blunders to [email protected]. Names will be changed!