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Review: Hustlers

Lorene Scafaria’s Hustlers is a revealing, hilarious and brutally honest depiction of stripping from a uniquely female perspective, writes Izzy Sharp

Review: My Thai

Izzy Sharp reviews My Thai restaurant and takeaway: ‘probably the closest you can get to the comfort of a family meal while living away from home.’

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You should go and see Mary Queen of Scots quite simply because it’s one of the most beautiful films to grace cinema screens this year.

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Review: Widows

Four women must take over a heist after their husbands die on the job, yet seemingly Widows still focuses on the men, inexplicably

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Izzy Sharp compares the adaptations of ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ from 1975 and 2018, pitting Weir’s entry against the modern iteration from Kondracki

Review: Brewski

Izzy sharp reviews ‘Brewski’, a North American ‘comfort food’ restaurant at the back of St. Peter’s square that certainly lives up to its moniker.

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Review: Cheat

Cheat is a dark academia drama which chronicles the relationship between a Cambridge student and a lecturer who accuses her of cheating, writes Izzy Sharp

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Review: Boy Erased

“Often films try to pretend they are going to change the world — this one just might”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons @Daniel Benavides.

Review: Two For Joy

Izzy Sharp finds aspects of Tom Beard’s Two For Joy compelling and heartfelt, yet ultimately unable to strike home with its depiction of the tensions within a modern British family