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Jessica Chow-Lau

Jessica Chow-Lau

The taxing demands of being a leader

Jessica Chow-Lau argues that we need proper financial understanding to judge David Cameron appropriately and get to the bottom of tax avoidance

Britain under the far-right wave

Jessica Chow-Lau discusses why Britain may soon be faced with a wave of extreme right wing warfare

The Labour Party and racism

Following the Mancunion’s investigation into racism within the party, Jessica Chow-Lau argues there is more work to be done

In defence of Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli

With the exorbitant costs of producing drugs and conducting research, sometimes the costs are high, so let’s not blame Shkreli for all the evils of the pharmaceutical industry

Increased health spending can be Africa’s route to prosperity

Jessica Chow-Lau argues that more focused government spending across the African continent could come more economic development

Is single-payer healthcare the answer for America?

Jessica Chow-Lau on why there are other, more workable alternative for America other than a single payer healthcare system

Tough choices

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both—I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Re-bunking the myths of veganism

In our last issue, we heard a defence against the common criticisms of veganism. Here, Jessica Chow-Lau rebukes the increasingly popular lifestyle choice

Held hostage by Trump

Win or lose, Donald Trump may be in line for more than people think once the race to the White House is finally over

Is the sharing economy forcing us to share to survive?

Jessica Chow-Lau wades into the evils of the increasingly popular sharing economy

Hesitating to laugh

Jessica Chow-Lau examines the effect of political correctness and public backlash can have on the censorship of raw and cutting comedy

The hypocrisy of white western feminism

Jessica Chow-Lau examines the modern feminist movement and its problematic middle-class, white focus