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Tori Blakeman

Tori Blakeman

Newcastle University develops genetic blood test to diagnose liver disease

A team of medics and scientists from Newcastle University have developed a test to diagnose liver scarring before occurrence of symptoms

Manchester PhD student wins Science Communication Competition

The science communicaion competition aimed to change common perceptions about the subject area of chemistry as being inaccessible to the general public

Manchester team to develop Zika virus vaccine

A team from the University of Manchester will develop a vaccine against the Zika virus using emergency funding

The Whitworth strikes gold in VisitEngland Awards

University of Manchester’s art gallery, The Whitworth, is named as VisitEngland’s largest visitor attraction of the year.

91 per cent of Manchester life scientists concerned ‘Brexit’ could impact research

Opinion poll from The Mancunion reveals 91 per cent of academic and research staff from the Faculty of Life Sciences are concerned that an Brexit could impact research

CRISPR – the controversial yet revolutionary gene-editing tool

Senior Science Reporter, Tori Blakeman, met with Zoology professor, Matthew Cobb, to discuss the applications and concerns surrounding this revolutionary genetic technology

Preview: University of Manchester Dance Competition 2016

Featuring 22 UK universities, the largest Northern university dance competition comes to Manchester this weekend

Manchester’s second graphene centre gets the go ahead

The University’s multi-million pound Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre has been granted planning permission by Manchester City Council

Student charity shop ‘The Closet’ trashed at Pangaea

Last week, the sustainable student charity shop, ‘The Closet’, opened its doors to the students of Manchester but following Pangaea Festival

Manchester discovery reveals how genetic interactions increase disease risk

Manchester and Cambridge scientists reveal new research on how the interaction of gaps in genes can influence the risk of arthritis, psoriasis and type 1 diabetes

Yoga and 1920s themes are the latest targets in ‘cultural appropriation’ disputes

This week both Oxford University and the University of Ottawa have been criticised in the latest examples of unacceptable “cultural appropriation”

Christmas markets evacuated in “stupid and silly” hoax bomb scare

A 19-year-old man remains in custody for claiming a ‘package’ had been left in the Albert Square Christmas markets

Review: Guys and Dolls

With a cast and orchestra made up of over 40 members, Gordon Greenberg’s Guys and Dolls comes to Manchester’s Palace Theatre

Manchester to provide free education to over a million in warzones

Free education is to be provided to more than one million young people in conflict zones across the globe by the university

Hull Union apologises for ‘sex act game’ during sports club night

Outrage as union club night, hosted by DJ Lee Watson, “exploited and degraded” women during a game to win a free ticket to sports tour

The scientist sacked by the government – in conversation with Professor David Nutt

Known for being sacked for comparing the harms of horse riding with taking ecstasy or cannabis, neuropsychopharmacologist Professor Nutt is the controversial scientist everyone is talking about

24 per cent of students sacrifice learning materials to eat

Nearly a quarter of all students spend less than half of the recommended budget on food, and many sacrifice spending on university materials in order to eat

Guinness World Record set by Manchester CPR Relay

On October 16th, more than 800 people set the new CPR relay Guinness World Record, held at The University of Manchester in aid of European Restart a Heart Day

Push for new platelet donors in Manchester

With a current shortage of platelet donors in Manchester, the NHS are calling for the community to come forward and get tested for donation eligibility