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Tristan Parsons

Tristan Parsons

Cameron’s reforms are a distraction from greater issues

Tristan Parsons suggests that Cameron’s victory over a reformed relationship with the EU is merely distracting from far bigger issues

Is the “Oscars so white” boycott really a route to diversity?

Tristan Parson’s asks whether an elite group of film stars boycotting the Oscars as part of the ‘Oscars so white’ campaign is really a challenge to racist structures

Europe’s urban policy is failing refugees

A lack of planning and investment in slums across Europe is harming future integration and breaking up communities

Have we reached peak ‘stuff’?

With the decline of materialism is our spending moving towards other services that makes us happy?

How bad does it get before we care?

Tristan Parsons hones in on what we all know to be true. The environment is a pressing issue, but very few people care enough to do anything

The oncoming crash

Tristan Parsons on the dangerous ground on which an economic recovery is apparently being built, and the risk this poses in the event of another financial crash

A presidential Pope is unhelpful

In a secular world should the Pope be talking about matters and issues that are usually dealt with by national governments?

In this global war Africa must not be forgotten

With an ever-increasing focus on the Middle East, we must not forget the related conflicts that rage across Africa

Farage’s confusion is our confusion

Tristan Parsons on the confusion that exists between the various levels of UKIP support

Be wary of the march to war

With MPs soon due to vote on extending British airstrikes to Syria, Tristan Parsons looks at and debunks some of the myths surrounding the debate

Controlling the climate will help control conflict

Tristan Parsons on how environmental changes are engendering conflict, and if uncontrolled will continue to do so

Private education and me

After an illuminating spell in private education, Tristan Parsons takes a critical look at the establishments that are so prominent in our education system

How to measure a nation

Should we look at more than just GDP when judging success? Tristan Parsons examines other ways to measure how good a society is

China, America, and the future of Afghanistan

With Western forces disengaging from Afghanistan, and with China ascending, Tristan Parsons looks at what the future holds