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Manchester-based creator Acid Maia sets the scene for the extensive and ‘genre-bending’ body of work in the cataclysmic places within our world where our concrete societies and the wild collide; the rural space that walks the line of two sublime forces that do battle every day. The contrast is present within the overgrown ivy on […]

Eliasson NYC waterfalls

Water cascaded from a precipice above, exploding upon impact with the pool below. What loomed in front of me was Olafur Eliasson’s sculpture, Waterfall, a tall mechanism from which water fell ceaselessly. Full of texture and movement, it filled the empty sky, refracting light and magnifying the forms around it. In the city, it’s easy […]

The Photographer - Shona Sterland

Phedra Broach interviews photographer Shona Sterland about her work photographing the local landscape, and what we can expect for Art In Mancunia 2020

Harry Thorfin talks to Charlie Bird, a photographer documenting a changing city through subtle, black and white street photography

Rebekah Knox

Fuse Fm’s Head of Publicity speaks about Rebekah Knox’s photography journey and what we can expect to see from her at the A.I.M 2020 event

Is it Art? Fashion Week

Fashion editor Alice Porter explores the idea that the commodification of Fashion Week prevents it from being art