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University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels

//Breaking: University of Manchester announce full divestment from fossil fuels More

photo courtesy Michka Saäl

A Great Day in Paris follows American jazz musicians living in Paris, of which around 70 gathered in Montmartre for a commemorative photograph in 2008.


Erin Mckay – The awards ceremony came on the final day of the Manchester Film Festival, where film makers and actors came together to celebrate their love of independent film.


Erin McKay – Werner Herzog explores the rise and fall of the eighth and final Premier of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev.

Heartless Angler Photo: Sarang @WikimediaCommons

This original language Japanese short film is a triumph. In less than 15 minutes it creates a depth to the characters that even full-length feature films struggle to do.

Photo: Tobias Soar

The Quincy Jones-composed soundtrack came to life at the gorgeous Bridgewater Hall with an accompanying live orchestra for the perfect fan experience

Photo: Beatriz Posada Alonso @WikimediaCommons

Review: Capernaum

Nadine Labako has delivered an Oscar nominated gem of a film which holds all power to account with a deeply emotional story, writes Carl Fitzgerald

MANIFF 2019: Stray

Stray is a bleak story of two broken people, who meet each other at exactly the time where they needed each other the most.

Photo: MIH83 @PixaBay

MANIFF 2019: Isabelle

A sluggish and derivative possession-horror that’s only amusing so as to think of better films it steals from which you could be watching instead.

Photo: @MANIFF

The MANIFF opener is a naturalistic and tense depiction of the horrific incidents of 2008 in Mumbai, but with characters lacking in pathos.

Photo: BagoGames via Flickr

Déjà-Review: Alien

Alien has thrilled audiences for 40 years and is a testament to challenging the status quo and achieving brilliance even with limited resources.

Photo: Miguel Discart @

Stephen Merchant’s dramedy about a Norwich born WWE superstar succeeds through its wholesome heart and a fantastic lead performance from Florence Pugh

Photo: Maximilian Bühn @ Wikimedia Commons

It’s been twenty years since he starred in his own programme and Alan Partridge is finally back the BBC in new six-part series This Time with Alan Partridge.