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Contrary Corner Articles

YCHTT: Has Film Reviewing Gone Too Far?

Confused film reviewer Tom Bruce grapples with the existentialism of Birdman

Contrary Corner: Give ‘Spring Breakers’ a break

Nikolas McNally argues you shouldn’t judge a film by its marketing

Contrary Corner: ‘Rush’ really grinds my gears

For Tom Bruce, ‘Rush’ was somewhat of a cinematic false-start

Contrary Corner: Menage a Toys

Angus tells us why he believes Toy Story is the only truly perfect film trilogy

Contrary Corner: Waxing on The Wackness

Zach Fuller bigs up an underrated and overshadowed gem from 2008, starring Ben Kingsley and Mary Kate Olsen

Contrary Corner: Almost Famous but never quite the hit

The box office bomb of Oliver Hirshbiegel’s royalist-bait Diana biopic to compliment it’s critical mauling shows the rare commercial failure of a genre littered with banal Oscar begging (The King’s Speech) and vapidly toothless portrayals of their muses (Notorious and The Iron Lady, which manage to transform The Notorious B.I.G into Mother Teresa and Margaret Thatcher into […]

Contrary Corner: There’s no need for speed

According to Suraj Vara, cars should stay on the road and out of the cinema

Contrary Corner: Why Wahlberg doesn’t hit the mark

Jack Crutcher tells us why he believes that Mark Wahlberg is in the wrong job

Contrary Corner: Why I’m not an “Iron Fan”

Jackson Ball gives us his take on the ‘Iron Man’ trilogy

Contrary Corner: The Desolation of Smaug? More like The Desolation of Tolkien!

Tom tells us why he is one of the few to hate The Hobbit

Contrary Corner: Julia Roberts – more than just a pretty woman

Andriana tells us why we should learn to love Julia Roberts

Rowling’s return to the wizarding world

Jackson Ball discusses J.K. Rowling’s first screenwriting venture