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Review: Tribe – Still I Rise

Review: Tribe – Still I Rise

Ana Maria Ortiz reviews Tribe’s Still I Rise at the Lowry
New exec team protest poem by ‘racist’

New exec team protest poem by ‘racist’

New artwork in the union is causing somewhat of a stir

AMBS release animated poem for 50th anniversary

Last year saw the 50th anniversary of the Business School as well as a huge donation from Lord Alliance of Manchester

Warrior Poets – poem by student J.J. Goodman

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The Storm’s Sonnet

Fourteen lines rotate like a weather vane


The cotton mill roar in his voice


Nothing is spoken

Our Own Sunset Strip

This is Manchester


And dry toast, and hardbook books

My Life in Bastard Japanese

Each day opens slowly | but the nights are folded up | and concentrated.

On Sunday Night

On Sunday night we howl