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Volunteering Articles

Spotlight: Sexpression Manchester

Sexpression runs campaigns for better sexual education for all, throughout Manchester and the UK.

2000 homeless in Manchester, it’s time to take a stand

Lauren Wills investigates the problem of homelessness in Manchester and argues that we should all be getting involved

People of faith unite to spruce up Platt Fields Park

Volunteers paint fences and clean graffiti for Interfaith Week

University museums win £2 million grant

Manchester Museums receive grant to expand their volunteer programs while others lose government support


Cashing in on charity


The confidential listening and information service run for students by students

Tales of a soup kitchen volunteer

Kitchen chaos, crowd control and kindness

Helping or hindering the homeless?

A look at the ethics behind volunteering

Sense experience

The benefits and challenges of volunteering on a canal boating holiday with deaf blind charity Sense

Student Action

Feeling inspired reading about the volunteering experiences of others? Want some of that warm fuzzy feeling for yourself? Get involved with Student Action.

Changing the world; one kid at a time

Those who can’t do, teach.

In Afric-aah

A stereotype on her gap yah

Helping the homeless

Disabled Student’s Officer, Maggie Suissa talks about her experiences as a volunteer