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Photo: Simon Youel

Survey reveals British public stands behind all-out junior doctor strike

Of those who participated in the survey, most blamed the continued dispute over junior doctor contracts on the Department of Health

Scarborough Campus of the University of Hull Photo: Sreejithk2000 @Wikimedia Commons

University of Hull students request refund after Scarborough campus closed

Student satisfaction rates at the university have dropped in the last two years since the decision to move the Scarborough campus was made public

UCL, cut the rent activists scale Portico roof at UCL to announce extension of the strike last week Photo: Arthur Michaels

UCL comes under fire after threatening student journalist with expulsion

A young journalist was supposedly threatended with expulsion by UCL executives after she gained access to a confidential report forecasting the university profits from accommodation fees

The students claim they have yet to receive an adequate response from management Photo: The Free University of Sheffield Movement

University of Sheffield forces the eviction of protesting students

Protesting against the current quality of higher education, student demonstrators occupy auditorium in “freezing conditions”

Lawyers raised concern about the lack of training these students receive Photo: Kate Ausburn@flickr

Home Office appoints gap year students to decide asylum claims

The Home Office has responded saying that recruiting students to decide on asylum claims has become an efficient way to handle the workload in busy periods

UCL, Cut the Rent Activists drop “Cut the Rent Join thr Strike” Banner from UCL Portico Roof Photo: Arthur Michaels

Over 500 students sign up for UCL’s continued rent strike action

According to the campaigners, UCL management has responded to the strikes by patronising and threatening students. The university is currently formulating plans to issue the first set of evictions against student strikers

Photo: Margaret Thatcher Foundation @Wikimedia Commons

Kent Tory students petition for 250ft statue of Margaret Thatcher

The iron statue is meant to encourage “sensible behaviour” and plans would have it stand across the street from university nightclub

Hand-made badges will be sold at the launch to help raise money for the project. Photo: The Mancunion

Campaign launched to help homeless women on their periods

The ‘Time of The Month’ campaign will launch on 25 February and seeks to raise money for sanitary products benefiting homeless women across Manchester

Photo: mattbuck @Wikimedia Commons

Peter Tatchell accused of being transphobic and racist

The NUS’ LGBT Officer has refused to attend an event where celebrated gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was speaking, raising questions about his conduct and ideology

The founders of the society are confident in the support their society has received in light of the recent events at LSE Photo: Mulloom2 @ Wikimedia Commons

LSE’s Free Speech Society could face ban

Following recent news of LSE’s poor freedom of speech record, the founders of the Free Speech Society, Speakeasy, outlined their society initiatives to combat the negative implications of the safe space policy

LSBF has said the college will intensify teaching in order for international students to receive their degrees on time Photo: DariaRomanova@Wikimedia Commons

International students at London business school asked to leave UK

The NUS expressed disappointment with the government by criticizing its flawed system that is now forcing lecturers to speed up teaching for the next semester and thus provide for an unfulfilling university experience in the UK

The junior doctors's strikes are set to continue on Wednesday 10th February. Emergency backup will not be put into place for this strikePhoto: The Mancunion

Junior doctors to walk out again

The junior doctors’ strikes will continue on Wednesday 10th February while negotiations between the BMA and the government have not come to a conclusion