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Photo: Justin Timberlake

Review: Justin Timberlake Super Bowl 2018

A disappointing third appearance at this grandest of pop stages

Photo: Album artwork

Belated Belieber or Bieber Berater?

Bieber’s latest album may leave you questioning your stance on the controversial pop brat

Suits; Photo: 85546319@N04 @Flickr

The evolution of suits

Perisha Kudhail tailors her way through suit history

Photo: 20th Century Fox

Top 5 Songs… about break ups

Five songs to help you through heartbreak

Photo: rajjj19 @Instagram

The look of love

Adrienne Galloway on the style benefits of conscious coupling

Loving & Loathing: 90’s Trends

Ella Westall talks mom jeans and brown lipstick.

picture: Melissa Malala

The good, the bad and the denim

Taking the tack by the horns, Miles Zilesnick ventures into Manchester sporting not double, but triple denim. Here’s what happened…

Top 5: Red carpet moments

Joanna Dryden’s pick of famous red carpet rockers and shockers.

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JT’s on Tom’s Suit and Tie

Ben Brown on one of fashion’s suavest collaborations