30th September 2014

Recipe: The Perfect Rocky Road Bars

As probably one of the easiest sweet treats to make, rocky road bars are my fail-safe party showstopper. The basic recipe is to grab everything unhealthy, smash it all to bits, cover it with gooey melted chocolate and refrigerate.

If you’re going to make something so easy that it doesn’t even really count as baking, you might as well make it perfect.

I made this batch to serve at a 40th wedding anniversary, and I think it’s my best one yet.

This time I used:

200g Galaxy

100g Bourneville

100g Dairy Milk whole nut

70g butter

2 tsp golden syrup

150g chopped marshmallows (I used scissors but small ones work too)

Pack of hobnobs

Almost a box of maltesers

100g chopped wonka’s millionaire shortbread (had it in, use choc chips/other chopped choc or omit)

75g mixed dried fruit


Melt chocolate, butter and syrup in a saucepan on low til runny and smooth. Separately, crush the biscuits—I do this by whacking the full packet on the sides of a large bowl until it bursts, then jabbing at the crumbs with a rolling pin—add all the other dry ingredients, mix, and cover with the cooled chocolate. Press into a greased and lined rectangular tin. I think this made about 24 large ones, which Mum then halved again because my portion sizes are greedy.If you want to make it look a bit more special you can dust with icing sugar, but I don’t bother, I think there’s already enough sugar in these mini heart attacks.

This recipe is just a combination of everything I had in, so be creative—add different nuts, fruit, cereal maybe? Granola would probably work. Most of all, enjoy.

Let us know if you have a recipe that rivals this one.

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