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Afzal Khan sits down with the Manchester Media Group following his resignation from Labour’s Shadow Cabinet over the ceasefire vote in Parliament
The Exec team at the Students’ Union offer “condolescences” to all members of the student body who have been affected by past and recent events as part of the Israel-Palestine conflict
This afternoon a student protest disrupted a pro-Israel stall ran by the Union of Jewish Students and Israel education organisation Stand With Us.
The week will attempt to spread awareness of the University’s investment in companies that arm Israel
Politics once again enters sport as Malaysia stands in solidarity with their fellow Palestinian Muslims over their ongoing conflict with Israel
Israel’s shift to the right and far-right come with alarming consequences for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process
Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign will protest on Wednesday 4th October against the censoring of Holocaust survivor Marika Sherwood’s event ‘You’re doing to Palestinians what the Nazis did to me’
With a large wall constructed on Oxford Road, a banner unfurled on university property, and disruption of a debate, IAW at the University of Manchester was controversial and eventful
Ella Kashti looks at the story of Tair Kaminer, who was imprisoned for refusing conscription
The controversial policy to outlaw boycotts of Israeli goods and services was implemented on 15th February – without parliamentary vote or debate.
Police were called after after pro-Palestine demonstrators disrupted the joint event by KCL and LSE Israel Societies, allegedly assaulting one woman
University imposes strict quotas on one of the most controversial and subscribed-to events to take place on campus—the MDU’s Israel debate
From the 23rd to the 27th of February, Action Palestine is running events, stalls and talks to increase awareness of the conflict in Gaza
Ben Farren criticises Israel as a people, a state, and a force whilst Deepanshi retorts self-defence is an immutable right in the face of terrorism
Curtis McLellan looks at the proposed boycott of Habima, the Israeli national theatre company.
For all of President Obama’s idealistic rhetoric, it falls to our European leaders to take action over the Middle East peace process
The motion, voted for by students in December 2023, passed with 89.6% of students voting in favour and would have resulted in the Students’ Union adopting BDS policy
The vandalism occurred in the early hours of May 13 morning and is being investigated by Greater Manchester police, according to a University statement
In a move inspired by Pro-Palestine protests on American University Campuses, Brunswick Park now has its own encampment
It has been a busy time for university elections in the last month. As well as SU executive elections, the Senate has elected new members to the board. Read on to understand what the Senate’s role is and who makes up the membership