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Andriana Hambi

Andriana Hambi

The Oscar that cried wolf

Don’ t be sore Leo-sers—Andriana Hambi questions whether he deserves an Oscar.

Everybody Loves Louis

Andriana Hambi thinks Louie is a show everbody should see. K?

You Can’t Handle the Truth! – Book to Film Adaptations

Andriana Hambi thinks that novels should stay on the page.

Top 5: Wedding Speeches

Andrianna wraps up her top wedding speeches from film and television

Contrary Corner: Julia Roberts – more than just a pretty woman

Andriana tells us why we should learn to love Julia Roberts

Top 5 Evil Blondes

You might be under the impression that blondes have the most fun. Well, whilst they might be having the most fun, Cinema indicates they often cause the most trouble. Forget Thor and Luke Skywalker. From slimy Slytherins to homoerotic Dench-killers, slick golden locks can mean trouble…

I’m sorry but…Meryl Streep isn’t that great anymore

Andriana explains why Meryl is coasting on past glories