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Joe C. Evans

Joe C. Evans

Peter Hitchens: “This is a living, breathing corpse of a country”

Current Affairs Editor Joe C. Evans in discussion with journalist, author, and voice of the right Peter Hitchens

Review: Novel Experiments in Living

A writer and his writer’s block form the basis a witty and ambitious play written and directed by Rob Paterson

Senate will debate banning of Donald Trump

The proposal will be debated at the next Senate meeting on February 18th

Paul Foot: A man of many words that provide little discernible information

Features Editor Joe Evans speaks to Paul Foot and fails to get any real answers to any questions about anything at all

Jesse Armstrong and Sam Bain: A peep behind the writing

With the seminal series Peep Show drawing to a conclusion, Joe Evans sits down with the show’s writers to discuss success, comedy, Manchester, and just ‘doing it’

Embracing first year

With fear of first year being something we all share, Opinion Editor Joe Evans discusses getting involved and throwing yourself into university

Album: Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

My Love Is Cool makes for an interesting sonic experience like nothing else

Vote for policies, not personalities

Exercising our democratic rights is fundamental to getting the kind of government we deserve. It’s easy to get caught up in the leaders’ rhetoric or be overwhelmed by the amount of information available, but we can hold our politicians to account by voting on the 7th of May

24 hours on air

In light of the tragic Germanwings crash, Joe Evans looks critically at how we thirst for constant news, and how this leads to hysteria and misinformation

The harder they fall…

Joe Evans discusses the British public’s obsession with the falls, both metaphorical and literal, of celebrities and public figures in their five minutes of fame

The limited opportunities of diverse sexuality

With a huge contrast in the visibility of sexual diversity between the arts and politics, we are challenged about what influences us and how we can stimulate change

America and her rampant gun addiction

It is a remarkable task to make Piers Morgan appear rational, but he isn’t wrong about gun control in the USA

And it’ll look good on my CV!

Joe Evans questions the box-ticking mentality which drives us to work experience and extra-curricular activities simply as a way of impressing potential employers with our overflowing CV

Love Britain? Love FUKP and the art of satire

Joe Evans believes that the pub landlord is lighting the fuse of satire

Off-campus but on the record

In their efforts to record and control its students, the University of Manchester and the local community are neglecting the real dangers

Album: Pink Floyd – The Endless River

Joe Evans fails to see any progression in the prog rock legends’ final instalment

Album: Alice Cooper – Raise the Dead: Live From Wacken

This album serves only to evidence the irrefutable fact that everything Alice Cooper has ever released sounds exactly the same

Live: Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini’s voice is unbelievably emotive

Minds matter

Joe Evans calls upon us to stop ridiculing and ignoring the increasingly important and relevant issue of dangerous mental health problems

I love the smell of paper in the morning

Nowadays we choose cheap thrills over classic knowledge; the book must not die