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In Conversation: LOAstate

Jess Foster interviews Manchester’s newest band, LOAstate, about their philosophy and musical influences

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Writer Reece Ritchie explores Mae Muller’s lyrics and inspiration during an interview touching on all aspects of her career

American noughties rock sensations Cage the Elephant will play a UK tour this month in the wake of their much-anticipated collaboration with Iggy Pop on single ‘Broken Boy’.


Writer Reece Ritchie explores the aftermath of Slowthai’s actions at the NME awards and how the music industry has reacted, giving his opinions on his home town hero’s actions

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Reflecting on the death of Andrew Weatherall, Will Stonier looks at the breadth and depth of the late musician’s influence on the UK post-punk landscape

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Throughout, this EP sets the terms. The music pulls you this way and that at will, dragging you from chorus to verse and back again before you’ve had time to realise which way is up

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At the end of 2019, The Mancunion sat down with 22 year-old chanteuse, Matt Maltese. Following the release of his second album ‘Krystal’, Matt discussed his change in direction for the album, his views on male solo artists in the 21st century and his distaste for socks and sandals