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Live Review: Dorian Electra at Belgrave Music Hall

Live Review: Dorian Electra at Belgrave Music Hall

Review of Dorian Electra’s My Agenda Tour at Belgrave Music Hall, which featured COUCOU CHLOE, as part of her UK+3 Tour.
House of Gucci: Fashion flick could go faster

House of Gucci: Fashion flick could go faster

A review of the highly-anticipated true crime drama from Ridley Scott, House of Gucci starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver
Chromatica – Lady Gaga’s “disjointed” dream world

Chromatica – Lady Gaga’s “disjointed” dream world

Theatre Editor Jay Darcy reviews Lady Gaga’s dramatic but personal dance album, Chromatica
A loveletter to Matthew Williams’ ALYX

A loveletter to Matthew Williams’ ALYX

“ALYX’s vision goes beyond the surface, being a brand that wishes to influence a much wider contemporary culture, rather than just idly producing clothing.”
Review: A Star is Born

Review: A Star is Born

Emotional, funny, and featuring a killer soundtrack, A Star is Born will surely go down as one of 2018’s greatest films.

Album: Lady Gaga — Joanne

Lady Gaga’s new album is a Wild West shock to the Little Monsters’ systems, writes Alexandra Bickell

Celebs that scare

Jenny Knowles weighs in on the alter egos of celebrities and their impact on popular culture

Alexander McQueen: the tragic genius

Talia Lee-Skudder pays homage to Alexander McQueen and his most controversial and innovative collections

High fashion goes high-tech

Kyle Zabawa channels Mystic Meg as he dusts of his couture crystal ball to bring you the technological future of fashion and cosmetics: including 3D printing, computer chips and even your own DNA

Waxing lyrical

Adrienne Galloway takes a deep breath and delves into the prickly world of hair removal

Opinion: Why Don’t We Give A Funk About Being Innovative Any More?

Stephen Miller questions the current lack of creative inspiration in music

Love to see you fail

Laura Springer gets to the crux of why we love to see famous figures flounder in the style stakes

Fashion: 1, Me: 0

Chloé Collingwood on when fashion trends just don’t have your back

Terry Richardson: “It’s not who you know, it’s who you blow”.

Inka Kemppainen-Vann explores what the conduct of Terry Richardson tells us about the fashion industry’s attitude towards women

Are you a fashion snob?

Gráinne Morrison discusses a moral dilemma

Top 5: Red carpet moments

Joanna Dryden’s pick of famous red carpet rockers and shockers.

Column: A Piece of Meat

What separates a drunkard eating a kebab and Lady Gaga? I ask this question on the basis that both will eventually arrive at a party covered in meat.

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