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The Good, the Bad and the Krunchy

As he nears the end of his degree, Jay Meros looks back on three years of fast food (through haiku)

Do creativity and mental instability really go hand in hand?

The anniversary of Plath’s death is a chance to reflect again on the reciprocity of these two factions

What’s On: in spoken word this month

Get yourself to a real live speaking words event

A Tribute to John Donne (and Stephen Nashef)

We are whole countries caught in cotton

The Ten A.M. Thought

…that this pissy and ungourmet coffee undercompensates for a last night on the tiles and the bourbon with the boys.

The Storm’s Sonnet

Fourteen lines rotate like a weather vane

The Rain

Closer by the rain


The cotton mill roar in his voice


Nothing is spoken

Our Own Sunset Strip

This is Manchester


And dry toast, and hardbook books

My Life in Bastard Japanese

Each day opens slowly | but the nights are folded up | and concentrated.

On Sunday Night

On Sunday night we howl