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I don’t want to become a journalist because of Russell Brand

I don’t want to become a journalist because of Russell Brand

The media industry is becoming increasingly notorious for protecting sexual predators – and the men at the top are preventing women from pursuing a career in the industry
That’s Science: Manchester student science podcast

That’s Science: Manchester student science podcast

In the age of podcasts, University of Manchester students Amelia Doran and Susan O’Flynn have recorded, edited and produced a refreshing take on the nature and history of science.
Student Media Matters: Student media makes sense in a world which doesn’t

Student Media Matters: Student media makes sense in a world which doesn’t

Your time at university is the optimal time to explore your passions, take a stand, and work to improve and shape the world how you see fit. Student media alone won’t do all of that for you – but it just might help.
Behind the scenes at Fuse FM

Behind the scenes at Fuse FM

Becca Knight interviews two shows at Fuse FM, Neon Sunrise and The Hour of Power, to find out what it’s like to have a radio show, which songs get played on air and how rewarding having a show is

Interview: Iqbal Shafiq – Founder of The Mancunion

As we say goodbye to one Editor-in-Chief and welcome another, we chat with the man who started it all 53 years ago

The future of journalism by future journalists

We talk to our editorial team one last time to let loose on all our media-based frustrations

Feature: In conversation with Laura Marling

Rebekah Shaw speaks to Laura Marling about femininity, creative production, and moving on from LA at the folk musician’s first student conference

Interview: Tamara O’Neill – Activities and Development Officer

Tamara O’Neill sat down to talk about Pangaea’s future, societies’ new way to secure funding, and the Union’s relationship with student media

Final year fear: get involved in student media

If you’re in your final year and struggling to get relevant work experience, why not try getting involved in student media?

A student life: the student journalist

We spoke to Eliza Slawther about being a student journalist

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell’s disrespect for the student body

After his interview with Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell was pulled from last week’s edition of The Mancunion, Jacob Nicholas argues the case for our independence from the university

Meet the new Lifestyle Editors

Drum roll please…the most exciting time of year has arrived, get ready to meet your new Lifestyle editors

Getting involved with student media

Deputy Opinion Editor Ed John explains what student media has to offer and why getting involved can be so rewarding

NUS National Conference 2016 – a round-up

Last week’s NUS National Conference saw delegates voting on decisions both international and local

Union budget cuts threaten future of The Cambridge Student

Despite bringing revenue to CUSU, trustees have told The Cambridge Student their resources will be cut, forcing the publication online only

Survey: Racism at UK universities

Student newspapers from across the United Kingdom have launched an investigation into racism on campus

The Mancunion needs a paid editor and a ring-fenced number of issues if it is to surivive

This week a motion goes before the union assembly calling for The Mancunion to have a paid editor and a ring-fenced number of issues. Here’s why we’re putting it forward

Edinburgh Student newspaper ‘Censorgate’

The Student newspaper of University of Edinburgh censored by its own union

Leeds media censorship – hear no evil, speak no evil?

Leeds University Union risk joining the fascists they oppose with motion to censor student media

A ‘Crashcourse’ in film-making

Merlin Merton talks about the inspiration behind a student-made film