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Jenny Sterne

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A student life: the free speech advocate

Jo Mitchison a member of the University of Manchester’s Free Speech and Secular Society, claims the culture of not engaging with controversial opinions is to blame for the success of Trump and Brexit

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Fight breaks out in SU bar during US election overnight broadcast

A fight broke out during the overnight broadcast of the US Presidential elections in the University of Manchester’s Students’ Union bar, which saw Donald Trump elected President

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Liveblog: 2016 US Presidential Election

The USA are deciding whether they elect Democrat Hilary Clinton, or Republican Donald Trump, as their next President

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Mancunion Editor wins ‘opportunity of a lifetime’

Harry Newton, Head Sports Editor for The Mancunion has won the chance to be Manchester City’s resident student reporter

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Enter the student philanthropy survey

The University of Manchester are running a survey to to capture students’ attitudes to charitable giving, all students who complete the survey are also entered into a prize draw


I am an Essex girl and proud

After a petition to get ‘Essex Girl’ removed from the Oxford English Dictionary, editor-in-chief Jennifer Sterne argues why such stereotyping is so damaging

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Oxfam director awarded Honorary degree at Foundation day celebrations

Winnie Byanyima of Oxfam International spoke on how to advance women’s rights in an unequal world whilst being awarded an honorary degree at the university’s Foundation Day celebrations

"Here is a stunning view of Uganda! And guess what you can see it." Photo: RAG

RAG invite students to a gorilla trek in Uganda

RAG are holding information meetings about their Uganda Gorilla Trek

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DayTrippers are back: Visit Chester Zoo

University of Manchester’s Students’ Union’s are offering students the chance to visit Chester Zoo and more with their DayTrippers project

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Warning issued for Fallowfield area after three students robbed

Greater Manchester Police issue a call for information and warn students to be wary of their surroundings after three students were robbed in Fallowfield in one night

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit The University of Manchester

On the day of the historic royal visit we got student views on the monarchy

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Lead your hall

“Party Planner? Entrepreneur? Leader?” then nominate yourself to lead your hall