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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit The University of Manchester

On the day of the historic royal visit we got student views on the monarchy

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Lead your hall

“Party Planner? Entrepreneur? Leader?” then nominate yourself to lead your hall

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Deputy opinion editor applications open

The Mancunion is looking for a deputy opinion editor, apply through the link below

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Pangaea Festival – Down the rabbit hole: Costume competition

The Mancunion has selected the best costumes Wonderland had to offer, vote for your favourite on our Facebook page

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Brexit rush causes university to have shortage of accommodation

The University of Warwick has a shortage of accommodation for postgraduates and freshers, as they experience a rush of EU students pre-Brexit

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95 per cent of students can’t name the Exec Team

The Mancunion has found that a huge proportion of students cannot name the Students’ Union exec team

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Pornographic material blocked in halls

A block has been placed on students’ access to pornographic material in halls, however according to many students the block is censoring beyond this

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Editorial: Silenced by the university

The university forced The Mancunion to pull an interview with Nancy Rothwell from our first print edition of term by threatening legal action

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Legal deals ‘cover up’ scale of sexual harassment problem at universities

Confidentiality clauses have according to campaigners stifled the scale of the sexual harassment issue at UK universities, leaving many afraid to speak out

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Theresa May criticises the culture of ‘Safe Spaces’

After Theresa May claimed the culture of ‘safe spaces’ was undermining free speech, we spoke to the Free Speech and Secular Society, the Exec team and Dame Nancy Rothwell about their positions on the controversial topic

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G4S to patrol Fallowfield during Welcome Week

Concerns have been raised over new security measures implemented by Manchester City Council and funded by the city’s universities to tackle anti-social behaviour in popular student area Fallowfield

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Students lose £32 million in rental deposits

New research reveals that four in ten students had their deposit retained at the end of last term, losing in total £32 million this year in rental deposits