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How zebras got their stripes

Scientists believe they may have found the black and white answer


Particle discovered which can cool the planet

University of Manchester scientists discover particle proposed over 60 years ago


Gene linked to athletic ability

Are athletes born faster and stronger?


‘Wonder material’ for less than noble causes

Graphene used to distill alcohol using its remarkable chemical properties

London 2012


A double-amputee is allowed to take part in the London 2012 Olympics Games

Usain Bolt

Inside a world-beating Olympian

What makes a record-breaker?

University Place turns poetic

A inspirational poem has been permanently placed on the wall in University Place

Student sentenced for selling still born snaps on eBay.

A student midwife has been sentenced for stealing from a hospital whilst on a placement

Manchester student Haytham Al-Hamwi’s (right) was overjoyed with news of his father’s release from Syrian custody. Photo: Omar Nasif

Father of Manchester Student released from Syrian custody

A Syrian student at Manchester tells of the extreme torture his father suffered in a Syrian jail

Ken Livingstone has pledged to give students in London EMA so that they are able to carry on with their education. Photo: Roystonford

Former London mayor pledges to reinstate EMA “to help young Londoners with their education”

The former mayor of London has pledged to give students in London EMA


Editor’s Note Issue 16 12/03/12

Well what do you know? Student elections are upon us once again.

"All British universities are a guinea pig in this and I think that's really dangerous." Photo: Thomas Harrison

The rise in tuition fees is a ‘bloody big roadblock’, says David Miliband

David Miliband discusses the implications for social mobility after the tutition fee increase at a Q&A session at the University of Manchester