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A Macaque monkey, the species used in experiments by Newcastle professors. Photo: Taylor Dundee

Publish monkey tests, says judge

Newcastle University is forced to reveal details of controversial animal experiments that they have conducted


Seized vodka contains chemicals unfit for human consumption

Counterfeit vodka bottles seized in Salford claim to be Smirnoff but could cause serious poisoning


Stringing together a business

‘Restringing rackets, Dan is able to undercut many of the big sports clubs’

jobless not hopeless

Unemployed Youth, Unemployed Graduates.

“Why are such young people of a fit working age finding it so difficult?”

Living Wage

University pays staff ‘poverty wages’

Full-time University of Manchester employees paid below the “living wage”

Matt Rose prepares to crash and burn on Countdown

Can’t find a graduate job? It’s ten times easier to get on TV 

A first-class graduate is putting the job hunt on the back burner to try his hand on the game show circuit, reports Solomon Radley


Commentary: It will never be easy to find a graduate job again

A growing number of graduates are leaving university to find that the glittering professional career they were promised simply is not available

Chris Seaton, now a PhD student at the University of Manchester, served in the army for four years, including a seven-month tour of Afghanistan

PHD student creates life saving app

Former Royal Army Medical Corps officer has developed an iPhone and iPad app for burns victims

Michael Farthing: 'we can't afford to reduce higher education to a set of simple transactions'

Higher education chairman warns against ‘consumer culture’

Michael Farthing criticises government’s plans to improve higher education

Adele Moore took the money with the intention of paying it back but the situation 'snowballed'. Photo: Manchester Evening News

Employee stole £13K from the Students’ Union

Treasurer spent money on holidays and gifts for her boyfriend

Greece- The root of all the financial problems in Europe?

Greece’s gloom explained

“it is like asking Student Finance to accept that they’ll only be receiving half their initial loans that they lent all students.”

Norman Finkelstein addressing his audience last week: he believes Jewish students played a role in moving his speech off campus. Photo: Jonathan Whiting

‘Holocaust industry’ speaker sparks another Israel row

Norman Finkelstein talk moved off campus after University imposes ‘last-minute and unfair’ conditions