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Uranium discovery could lead to biodegradable plastic

University of Manchester chemists have found Uranium can perform reactions previously thought to be impossible

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Nobel Prizes 2017: the most exciting discoveries in science

Jack Barton summarises the 2017 Nobel Prize awards in medicine, physics and chemistry announced last week

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New anti-inflammatory compound developed by Manchester researchers

Researchers at the University of Manchester have developed a new anti-inflammatory compound which may hold promise for conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease

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Bristol student accidentally synthesises dangerous explosive

The laboratory was evacuated and a controlled destruction carried out after a Ph.D. student created TATP as a by-product of a standard procedure

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Bath chemistry academic leads Christmas Lectures

Professor Saiful Islam, will present ‘Supercharged: Fuelling the Future’ at the 80th anniversary of Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

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UK scientists dominate at 2016 Nobel Prize ceremonies

Earlier this month, the prestigious Nobel Prize ceremonies began, with the prizes for Physics, Chemistry and Medicine and Physiology announced

Photo: Faculty of Life Sciences, UoM

Manchester PhD student wins Science Communication Competition

The science communicaion competition aimed to change common perceptions about the subject area of chemistry as being inaccessible to the general public

The molecule bears a striking resemblance to the iconic religious symbol. Photo: The University of Manchester

Manchester scientists synthesise “Star of David” molecule

A complex new molecule created by a postgraduate student at the University of Manchester closely resembles the famous symbol of Judaism